Speaking Engagements

Dr. Walter Salubro is an engaging and dynamic speaker on topics of chiropractic health and the wellness lifestyle. To have Dr. Salubro appear live at your company, organization, or next event, email speaker@waltersalubro.com or call 905-303-1009.


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Stress Management Seminar Series
Self Help Strategies to Conquering Stress

Nutrition Mastery Seminar Series
How to Eat Right for Disease Prevention and Optimal Health

Exercise Motivation Seminar Series
How to Get Lean, Fit, and Strong Doing Exercises You Love

Vision, Purpose, Goals Seminar Series
How to Create Your Ideal Life by Design Versus Living Your Life by Default

Optimal Spine, Optimal Health Seminar Series
How to Power Up Your Health the Chiropractic Way

Chiropractic Care for the Wellness Pregnancy